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04/01/2015 – After months of work, I finally finished the 1st tree article.  I decided to go ahead and post it even though the support articles were not ready.  As soon as they are, I’ll get them up as well.

03/21/2015 – I finished writing the tree articles yesterday! Now I have to illustrate them. Finding pictures and art for my work is the hardest part of this. I can’t wait until the site starts to make a little money so I can pay for some stock photos, and or hire a photographer. One thing I am excited about, is that one of the references I used to create the Fruit and Nut 101 article was pulled down. This is almost perfect timing. Now I can ask the websites that linked to it, to link to my new article. I get to try out Brain Dean’s Moving Man Technique. I’ll let you know how many back links I get out of it.

02/14/2015 – I finished writing the book! As you can see waking up early has done wonders. However, I am struggling with adding images. I want at least one picture per page and I am having a hard time finding pictures for everything. What I need to do is get with my family and do a photo shoot, but Feb and March are so hectic, plus I’m trying to plant my garden at home. I hope I can find time soon. In the meantime I’m going to focus my mornings on blog articles.

01/08/2015 – Signed up for Paypal business.  Noticed that I had 40 aWeber email subscribers.  I decided to put a hold on the tree articles, even though I am 90% done.  I watched a webinar from Internet Business Mastery.  They said that you need to find a niche, build an audience, give them an introductory product to buy.  Then repeat the steps.  Since I had the first two done, I figured I would write a book and offer it for sale instead of finishing the tree article.  I’ll do the tree articles next. I am trying out this new technique of going to bed at 10pm when my kids go to bed and getting up at 6am to write for one to two hours before the kids wake up.

10/01/2014 – It has been a while since I have posted an article.  The next thing I want to post ties three dependent articles together, so it has been a process writing three articles at once.  I did get one new email subscriber in Sept, so now I am at 33.  Still at about 9 unique visitors a day.  I suspect that it will stay that way until I get more articles up.

08/25/2014 – went through every picture and took off all of the links.  Except the affiliate links of course.

08/21/2014 – Posted my first article after the launch.  Noticed that I have 32 email subscribers when I went to send out a broadcast about it.

08/19/2014 – Average has dropped to about 8 a day.  Been really busy at home with harvesting, now that Ernie is back in school and changes at Mohave Insurance have reduced the amount of time I get to spend on marketing and writing.  Been working on 4 articles about trees.  Finally posting my 10 space saving techniques.

08/11/2014 – Have about 15 average visitors a day and 2 new email subscribers a day.

08/10/2014 – Surprised to find out that I got about 10 times more visitors to my site from the local newspaper article than from the state news. It was still awesome to be on TV. I was able to call BlueHost and reduce my bandwidth back to minimum and get some of my money back.

08/09/2014 – Friday night at 6pm our story aired on 12 News


08/08/2014 – I contacted BlueHost to make sure I had enough bandwidth to provide for the potential flurry of new visitors to my site.

08/07/2014 – 12 News came down and interviewed us

08/06/2014 – Stephen Joel Root from NBC 12 News AZ called to set up an interview

08/01/2014 – Site launched!

07/31/2014 – Reached 15 email subscribers

07/31/2014 – Finished posting the launch articles, created the inter links, and updated my launch broadcast email. 14 total published.

07/30/2014 – posted most of the finished articles at midnight. Noticed that I got most of my visits that morning before I finished posting the articles. Before the sight launched. I regret not having the site prepped 100% for launch before contacting the press.

07/30/2014 – Kingman Daily Miner printed the article about our family and the website.


07/25/2014 – Hubble Ray Smith the reporter from the Kingman Daily Miner came to my house and interviewed us.

07/24/2014 – Posted another preview article

07/23/2014 – Followed up with Kingman Daily Miner.  They are planning on running our article.  A reporter should be contacting us soon.

07/23/2014 – EasyGarden/backyardchickens.com’s Rob emailed me back.  I asked him if he could act as a sounding board/mentor.

07/17/2014 – Reached 81 Likes on facebook

07/17/2014 – emailed the Urban Farm Guys back with some collaboration ideas

07/16/2014 – posted my second article as a preview of the new website.

07/14/2014 – Received my first email response from a fellow blogger, The Urban Farm Guys.

07/10/2014 – submitted press release to the Daily Miner

07/08/2014 – posted my first post as a teaser

07/01/2014 – Reached 75 Facebook Likes and 10 Twitter Followers

07/01/2014 – I asked Rachel, and Sarah to invite their friends to like the Facebook page

06/20/2014 – reached 50 Facebook likes

06/20/2014 – I asked all off my friends to like our Facebook page

06/16/2014 – I randomly typed in a search for “Living of the grid guide” and noticed that a Google+ post about the launch of my new site was number 6 on page 1 of the results!!!!

06/10/2014 – Have 10 Facebook Followers

05/24/2014 – David Kahananui, from church joined my email list.

05/19/2014 – I got my first email subscriber! from an unknown person

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