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Stephen Shade aka @logg_manHi, my name is Stephen Shade, and I will be your guide to living off the grid. If you are new to living off the grid or exploring the idea of becoming self sufficient, then Living Off Grid Guide is for you.  Here you will find the information you need to change your life for the better.

This site is your one stop guide to learning how to become less dependent on society and its infrastructure. We will be providing in depth information about how to produce your own electricity, food, and water as well as alternative means for dealing with waste, heating, cooling, cleaning and cooking. Our hope is that this guide will help you learn to live off the grid, so you can live better for less and be prepared when disaster strikes or society collapses.

If you are just starting out, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure what to do first. I certainly was. Even if you have already started, you may be unsure or concerned that you are not on the right track. To help you, I created this list of steps that will give you an idea of how to get yourself off the grid.

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