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New Media Expo 2015

04/13/2015 – I attended New Media Expo 2015.  What a great experience!  I met so many great people and some of the business gurus that I look up to like Pat Flynn, Jaime Tardy, and Chris Ducker.  I also learned a ton about marketing my blog.  It was inspirational.  I now want to start a podcast and a YouTube channel.  It is going to take some time though, which I don’t have a lot of.

When you attend a conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center park at the West Gate hotel parking garage.  It is free and within walking distance to the North Hall.

I am almost done with my first product.  It is an ebook with 218 tips and tricks for beginner gardeners to help them jump start their success.  I hope that I can get it done soon.  I am actual only waiting on myself.  I need to find time to take about 30 pictures to illustrate the book.  Chris Ducker suggested I use 99 Designs to hire someone to illustrate the book and create the cover.  I’ll do that as soon as I get those pictures taken.

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