Living Off Grid Guide

The Steps to Getting Off the Grid

Steps Off The Grid(When Steve was a kid he started a club that built tree forts.)

Would you like to live off grid, but don’t know where to start?  I have created a step by step to do list that will get you from city life to off grid life.  You may or may not take all of these steps or even take them in this order, but this will help you begin your journey.

  1. Sign up for our news letter, so you can stay up to date with our posts
  2. Begin the process of becoming debt free and start saving
  3. Decide how far off the grid you want to go
  4. Create a plan
  5. Start a garden
  6. Learn to hunt
  7. Learn about livestock
  8. Live cheaply and save up for your ideal lifestyle
  9. Buy your land
  10. Plan the placement of your home, well, garden, power system and waste system
  11. Find your well spot and install it
  12. Plant your trees
  13. Install your waste system
  14. Move onto your land and live in a tent or an RV
  15. Plan and design a new larger garden
  16. Get your chickens
  17. Design and build your root cellar
  18. Design and build pens for livestock and fence off pastures
  19. Build a barn
  20. Purchase your livestock
  21. Design and build a large greenhouse
  22. Design and build a year round aquaponics system
  23. Live cheaply and save up
  24. Build your dream home
  25. Install your power system
  26. Live happily ever after


For more information on each of these subjects follow the links provided.  As I develop Living Off Grid Guide more and more of this list will have links, so you may want to save this page.


How about you?  Leave a comment and tell me what steps you have taken or you plan on taking?  Is there anything I left out?


Start now!  Complete step one by signing up for our news letter.
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4 thoughts on “The Steps to Getting Off the Grid

  1. Juan Gonzales

    did you know you could build a house with tires that right tires, millions of them go into land fills. go to youtube look up ( building a house with tires by Dennis Weaver )you do the work

    what about a house out of adobe brick ( you do the work)

    I live in golden valley AZ you can make a solar work heater using a used water heater. you build

    what about a house out of recycled plastic bottles, go to youtube again

    or let’s go underground, did you know that the temperature At depths below four feet, ground temperature stays a constant 50 to
    55 degrees Fahrenheit year-round

    1. Logg_man Post author

      Hi Juan. Good tips, you are absolutely right. You can build a home out of non-traditional materials and save money doing it. I’ll cover some of those techniques in future articles.

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